Poll: Is George Zimmerman Guilty?

Is George Zimmerman guilty or innocent of murdering Trayvon Martin?

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  • Ben

    I watch Steve Wilkos every now and then to remind me that politicians
    aren’t the only people who are adamant about their lies even after it’s
    been proven to be a lie. Polygraph tests are 99%+ accurate, and any law
    enforcement officer will support this.
    I don’t know how much of the truth they have released, but to this day, I do not believe MSNBC has
    mentioned that George Zimmerman passed the polygraph test with no
    deception. He was asked if he started the confrontation and answered
    “no”. He told the truth. He was asked if he thought his life was in
    danger when he fired the gun, he answered “yes”. He told the truth.
    Sharpton gone done it again. Someone should get an interview with Tawana
    Brawley and ask her what she thinks about the George Zimmerman

  • Pete

    Zimmerman was doing his job patrol his neighborhood. Travon Martin could have just as easily told Zimmerman, “Hey Mister, I live right over there. Come on, you can meet my Mom and Dad.”, but instead Trayvon Martin decided he was going to attack Zimmerman and even told Zimmerman he was going to kill him. Facts speak for themselves, and the verdict is in, SELF-DEFENSE!

  • Anthony Spinelli

    How does everyone feel about the jury decision finding George Zimmerman not guilty Saturday?

    • anony5

      How do you feel that george’s wife just came out and said he’s violent, has hit her, and they got into a fight and she left him right before he went hunting down some kid that wasn’t doin anything illegal? Wrong? yes thats appropriate because you are. It sucks being wrong, im glad i was right about this, and george and how freaking psycho that creep is

  • Pesky Vrmt

    The proof that Zimmerman was the aggressor is right here:

    7:13:41 – Zimmermans Non-Emergency Call ends

    TWO MINUTES and 3 seconds after Zimmerman ends his call, Trayvons call with Rachel ends.

    Jeantel says she heard Martin talking to Zimmerman in the background of the call.

    “He said, ‘Why are you following me for?’ And I heard a hard-breathing man say, ‘What you doing around here?’”

    Jeantel also said she heard a bump from Martin’s headset hitting something and “wet grass sounds.”

    “I start hearing a little bit of Trayvon saying, ‘Get off, get off!’”

    27 seconds after HER call with Trayvon ends, the 9-1-1 disturbance call goes in. 44 seconds into that 9-1-1 call, the gunshot can be heard.

    Trayvon was literally in the back yard of the residence he had permission to be at. He went home.

    Zimmerman was also in Trayvons back yard. He walked there on his own two feet. HIS actions lead to the death of Trayvon Martin three minutes and fourteen seconds after Zimmerman ended his call with NEN.


    I find it extremely coincidental that Zimmermans route to the Target goes right past that 7-11, and that a white vehicle like Zimmermans can be seen driving through the parking lot on the 7-11 video.

  • lucile

    Trayvon Martin jumped on Zimmerman because Zimmerman had a gun in his hand. Zim could not have reached for his gun if he was lying on it. Therefore its Martin who was defending his life and screaming for help defending unsuccessfully his own life, Zim said too many lies to be believed. Never heard of stand your ground after all his years of Marshal Art and studies? Come on. I have a bridge to sell you!

    • Benji

      Blind support and hatred.

      • anony5

        i agree lucile, its apparent dumb people like benji inhabit most of the world. Oh well, at least we know we scam half the people in the world if need be.

  • nicanor

    Zimmerman is a liar and a killer. He shot that kid for no reason. He will go to jail for that. He needs to get ready He will be busy on jail.

    • Benji


      • anony5

        Stupid. But i bet your mother has called you that before.

  • Anthony Spinelli

    Many of the comments that I am reading seem very racist in manner and I feel that only justice will prevail in this case.. No one should be judgemental in any way for or against Martin or Zimmerman.Let us all have our opinions but stop swearing and cussing about this terrible tragedy that has occurred and a young man has lost his life over it..Just stay calm everyone and God Bless Everyone..Let Justice Prevail!

  • Megan Moore

    I really hope this poll is wrong. Zimmerman followed someone even after he was told to stop. And now he’s claiming self-defense? What was he going to beat him with his bag of Skittles? The jerk should have left this kid alone! Zimmerman brought this on himself. And just because the kid had issues before does not mean that he should have been shot. To the people on here blaming Trayvon – you are heartless & God forbid anything like this happen to one of your family members. If there is any humanity left in this world, he will be found guilty!

  • Jeff

    The facts we have are as follows; Zimmerman sees an individual whom is not a resident of the neighborhood, as a result calls 911. Operator suggests Zimmerman not confront stranger. The advice given by the operator where ignored. Zimmerman confronts Martin . ( although bad judgement, it is not a crime to confront a stranger) a struggle ensues, but the aggressor is unknown. Could have been Zimmerman, however forensics does not mention any contusions on Martin . At some point Martin is on top of Zimmerman. While Martin was atop Zimmerman, a shot was fired, killing Martin. Evidence shows that Zimmerman was injured during the struggle. If Martin was the aggressor, self defense is not unreasonable

    • Jeff

      There’s a chance that Zimmerman threw the first blow, however evidence of that has not been established. Lack of evidence must result in an acquittal.

  • Mike

    Sucks it happened in the 1st place, however it became all about race rather then facts. I don’t believe Martin should have been killed and I don’t care what color his skim is. However if I was having my A@@ kicked and had a gun, I cant say I wouldn’t have did the same thing.

  • Evidenceisthere

    Martin should have went home as fast as possible if he was afraid, instead he attacked George with a sucker punch and then knocked him down on the side walk and bashed his face and banged his head until he was almost ready to pass out. George only have one left to save his life. Martin pushed the altercations.

  • Yourdumbasshit

    No way in hell a second degree murder case.
    The proper verdict would be not guilty on all counts, that’s if… The jury lays down a verdict to the letter of the law. However, there is a strong chance of a compromised manslaughter verdict if the jury can believe the states side of the story and looks past the self defense. The problem with the states side of the story is its completely an assumption. There is no witness or video, and I don’t see the burden of proof being met. However with such a polarized perspective on this case, getting six people on one side will prove difficult whether a guilty or not guilty. So my thinking is hung jury or manslaughter. He can then proceed with a stand your ground immunity hearing. Them appeal. A manslaughter charge wouldn’t be all that bad if it didn’t carry such a long sentence in Florida.

    • ralph

      Martin was a big 17 year old with a chip on his shoulder like all 17 year old males who are athletic (and have a propensity for violence as shown by getting suspended for fighting). Big time reasonable doubt cause there is no evidence in Martin’s favor. All the beating is on Zimmerman’s head.

  • Unsure

    And don’t tell me that is the only photo they had, last known photo of TM or should I be politically racially correct and say, 17 year old TM shows a big boy that towers over everyone in the picture with him. Like I said guilt or innocence will be decided by the jury, I just think the ignorant people that cannot resist race baiting need to grow up, look at it for what it is, a tragic event where a human being lost his life and learn from it. None of us were there that night, that is a fact.

  • Unsure

    I wonder why his parents named him, “17 Year Old Travon Martin”? Wouldn’t it make more since to just name your child Travon Martin? Maybe they knew he wouldn’t live past 17? It must have been weird when he was 12, you know the age he was in all those photos the race baiting media put out when they though Zimmerman was white! Just weird is all I’m saying, can see it now, Martin parents to 12 year old son, “come here little 17 year old Travon”. Haha…..Martin shoots, he’s tried as an adult. Jury will decide, I just can’t stand race baiters.

  • Sue

    This could have been avoided if Zimmerman had followed the directions of police dispatch and remained in his car. Mr. Vigilante with a gun took away a life. Period.

  • jay dog

    This poll shows the future outcome of the case at hand. And I for one agree. But still , my condolences to those that have suffered and to those that have been impacted by this tragedy that has gone on for way to long …

  • juco

    Zimmerman is as guilty as HELL. You can’t approach someone who is afraid of you and try to attack if that person is afraid (the one that is being followed) is afraid for their life the follower
    /aggressor had no right to disobey and disrespect the authorities and pursue a kid and when he found his self loosing the upper hand…killed a child in cold blood. he is a liar. Martin was acting in self defense, Zimmerman, the aggressor. Zimmerman and his clowns (attorneys)should be arrested for perjury.
    I don’t think people are that dump to believe Zimmerman’s lies; racism made his thinking very illogical.
    So is it the beginning to shoot unarmed Africa American children and later mock the witness, while totally add insult to insult. My heart and prayers goes out for Treyvon’s mother and father. The murderer should not ever walk free. Especially since. he (Zimmerman) had the audacity to smile.

    • Cicero58941

      Zimmerman must never see the streets again, and especially never, ever be allowed to own or carry any weapons. Not even a toothpick. He is a dangerous felon and needs to be put away for a long time.

      • Mal

        And under what bases are you going on? Do you not know the history of that area? Are you ignoring the hard facts? Are judging too quickly? He is a citizen, he has every right to make sure his enviornment is safe. Next time, please do not listen to media, and watch the actual trial!

        • Creepy ass cracker

          Lol! I’ve lived in the area my whole life! So what there has been crime! Does that mean I need to worry about my son wearing a hoody out in the rain in the dark, any time he leaves the house! maybe not cuz he isnt black! George was wrong! He made a mistake! And trayvon is dead! I’m white but if that “creepy ass cracker” where following me , I would have pepper sprayed his face! This may not be about race, but it should deffinatley be a lesson on why you shouldn’t steriotype, or carry a gun if u r a paranoid freak! George deserves to be put away! Trayvons family deserves justice and I deserve to know anyone out there that thinks they can follow my son around when he is doing nothing wrong with a loaded weapon and frighten the crap out of him until he feels the need to fight for his life , that they will not get away with it!! I’m 100 percent creepy ass cracker and I’m team trayvon!!!!

          • Anthony Spinelli

            Calm down everyone☺

          • Benji

            Thats right. Jump on the wagon and pray they will accept you as one of their own. Or, you can be objective, and not take sides in a lose/lose battle.

    • TIm

      So Mr. Zimmerman had no right to walk around the neighborhood but Mr. Martin did have a right to walk around the neighborhood. If Mr. Martin talked instead of punched there would be no issues.

      • Creepy ass cracker

        So u think the teenager that was being followed by a gun toting grown man should have turned around and explained himself!! Wtf for! He was not doin anything wrong! He probably thought George was going to butt rape him! I’ve been taught by my father since the age of three, if I ever feel endangered , start swinging and don’t stop! If trayvon did attack George like he claims, I’d be damn proud of my boy! He went down with a fight! I don’t think however George is being honest! It doesn’t add up! And either way! Its up to adults to choose the more mature route and to even say if trayvon had spoken up or explained anything is disgusting!! Honestly anyone that thinks this is ok is disgusting!

        • Sad

          “If I ever feel endangered, start swinging and don’t stop!” your father taught you. How sad for both of you.

        • Anthony Spinelli

          Calm down everyone!

      • Megan Moore

        He was walking to and from the local store. Zimmerman had no business dealing with that kid the way he did.

        • Benji

          You’re right! Neiborhood watch members are NOT supposed to watch their neighborhood and call the cops. Even if a person is walking from house to house in an area where burglaries have become common. I mean, when its raining outside, dont YOU walk next to houses from house to house to when your home is just down the street so you dont get your hoodie wet? That IS the story the prosecution has given, right? Most of us use the sidewalk and go straight home. You are right, possible suspects have rights that prevent anyone from investigating their intentions until AFTER a crime is commited. If it were up to me, anyone running from law enforcement in a vehicle should be given a legal 2 minute head start. If that happened, there would be less criminals filling up our prisons…

  • For rightness

    This could have been avoided, Why would Zimmerman scream for help and know he was carrying a gun who does that scream with a gun?

    • really?

      maybe because he did not want to shoot? maybe because he knew he was in trouble being beaten and ready to black out? I would scream instead of shooting if it would save a life and keep it from going that far.

      • Cicero58941

        If he had minded his own damn business he wouldn’t have needed to shoot and kill anyone. He is a nosy, fat bastard, who thinks he owned that damn community. Who died and left his ass boss anyway?

        • Anthony Spinelli

          Can anyone talk with a better tone instead of being argumentive…

    • OldDogg

      Because he didn’t want to have to kill someone until he started fearing for his life? I can’t believe you can’t figure that out on your own. Scary

      • Justus

        How about this: because he knew all along what he was going to do and if indeed it was him crying for help he was setting himself up for this very argument that he was afraid for his life. When was the last time you were afraid for your life and you decided to follow the very thing you feared? c’mon. He was a wannabe cop and knew that he could get away with disposing of a black child. He feared for his life? Get outta here!

  • Darrell Mollette

    George Zimmerman actions caused the death of a innocent person. there was no crime being committed at the time of the shooting, furthermore Zimmerman is not officer of the law he should never had approached Martin. His job was only to call authorities.

    • Frank Burns

      English, please.

    • Yourdumbasshit

      So you are saying there is a law preventing zimmerman from confronting someone in his crime ridden neighborhood? Please inform me of this statute.

    • Jeff

      It’s not against the law to confront a stranger. You can instigate all you want, it’s not a crime to instigate , However it is a crime to assault someone. There is proof that at some point Martin assaulted Zimmerman . Zimmerman is legally able to use lethal force to protect himself .

      • Guestwhat

        The assault is Zimmerman’s word against a dead teenager. The proof is that the 911 operator told him not to follow the kid and he did, with a gun. and now the kid is dead. that’s the proof. the rest is your and Zimmerman’s hope.

      • Megan Moore

        The law had already told him not too. The jerk should have left the kid alone!

        • smrtrthnmegn

          moron…dispatch is not the law and can only advise.

          • Megan Moore

            Whatever. He was still told to leave him alone & they were sending someone out. Maybe if he would have followed this “advise” he wouldn’t be in the predicament he’s in now.

          • smrtrthnmegn

            You do realize that the trial is not about any other aspect beyond discharging the weapon and why that occurred? Simply to prove or disprove that the defendant felt his life was in danger. Any actions that may have led to this decision are irrelevant legally.

          • Megan Moore

            Again, he wouldn’t have had to wonder whether or not his life was in danger if he would have just stayed put like he was supposed to. But if a kid is walking to his father’s with Skittles & an ice tea, I would think he was up to no good either & probably wouldn’t have listened to the dispatch either. I mean, come one, that’s some scary stuff!

          • smrtrthnmegn

            I am a former leo and in my opinion Zimmerman is an idiot. He bit off more than he could chew, got his ass kicked and got scared. I wouldnt have even paid attention to the kid but he did and you are right, now his life is in danger too. Sorry about the moron comment, I get pissed when I feel people are not examine this objectively. U didnt deserve it

          • Ben

            Wasn’t skittles and iced tea, by the way. You are repeating a lie you heard from manipulators. Would you like to hear what he actually had? Does it matter? If you found out he was a heavy substance abuser with organ damage, and he had stuff on him that he uses to make the drug, would it matter? Probably not. Even if he had heroin, it wouldn’t matter to the sheep.

          • Megan Moore

            Then what was he carrying, since you were clearly there?

          • smrtrthnmegn

            Unless manslaughter is considered, in regards to culpability. Thats it..

          • Ben

            He was never told to leave Trayvon alone. He was actually asked by the dispatcher where Trayvon was heading. George went running to look. The dispatcher then told him he doesn’t need to do that. He agreed and headed back to his truck. That’s when Trayvon confronted him. George passed the polygraph. Zero deception. Didn’t start the confrontation. Feared for his life when he fired. Zero deception.

        • Anthony Spinelli

          Never discriminate against anyone in life. Everyone has an opinion and they have that right to his or her opinion but we must not pass judgement on either Martin or Zimmerman because none of us actually seen what happened.We can all blame Zimmerman or we can all blame Martin..This should not become a race issue in anyway..Let the American justice system work in every possible way to find or try to find the truth in this tragedy of a young life.God above only knows what really happened!All of us are guessing and none of us really knows…God Bless Everyone but stop being the judge and the jury.

    • William Ellis

      so very true

  • Ginny

    Mother fucker is guilty of killing innocent child.You can tell he is a phony and a pathological liar!!!!

    • sick of the racists

      I am sure that hood rat was far from innocent beating the guy, You hit me and my head on concrete I would shoot also. When I was 17 I and could beat a lot of older men in a fight so age is not like he was 12. He was a dope smoking, thief suspended from school for fighting and a RACIST. Bite me black ginny. All the outrage over the race baiting case and meanwhile in the last year thousand of black on white (which GZ is not) ad back on brown crimes where is the outrage? Blacks killed 50+ Blacks last week in one city where is your mouth?

      • Sue

        The doctor that examined Zimmerman the day after the shooting testified that the wounds on his head were superficial, and if his head had been beaten on the concrete the wounds would have been much worse.

      • Cicero58941

        What the fuck is a hood rat, if it ain’t you?

      • byron

        What the fuck do you have to be a racist asshole for. Why does trayvon martin have to be called a hood rat. Damn dude. You lost all respect

        • Cicero58951

          When he has kids someday, maybe some asshole will come along and kill one of them, and he’ll remember how he disrespected somebody elses child. Karma us a bitch. What goes around, comes around.

      • byron

        What does trayvon martins past have to do with this case. I mean, come on. Can you say something relevant please.

      • Megan Moore

        Blaming the victim. So classy!!!

    • Ben

      Trayvon was a violent thug. Proven. George passed the lie detector test. Proven. Skittles and Arizona Watermelon Fruit Juice are 2 parts of a codeine based drink called “Lean”. Trayvon posted about this drink on his Facebook page. It is a new way people get high. Side effects include extreme aggression and paranoia. Also causes damage to specific organs with extensive overuse. Trayvon had such organ damage as found in the autopsy. Trayvon was staying with his father during his most recent suspension from school for drugs. They also found jewelry on him matching the description of items stolen during a burglary. And, he had a tool the officer described as a burglary tool. George helped organize a campaign calling for the arrest of the white son of a police officer after the son beat a homeless black man. He went to prom with a black woman. He mentored black youth. Trayvon? Suspended multiple times for fighting and drugs. Pictures of guns, drugs, and fighting in his phone and on Facebook. He had a very bad substance abuse problem. Every one of these things are recorded. You can’t erase history or change facts.